11 Easy Dollar Store DIY Craft Projects to Decorate Your Apartment on a Budget -…

11 Easy Dollar Store DIY Craft Projects to Decorate Your Apartment on a Budget -…#apartment #budget #craft #decorate #diy #dollar

Basic rule for classic raised beds: although you can also plant flowers, the raised bed is particularly successful for the cultivation of vegetables. Place larger plants in the middle and smaller ones outwards to create optimal lighting conditions.

Plant modules
Sophisticated systems and ideas for Vertical gardens or Mini Garden enchanted in the meantime, the garden and balcony landscapes. Simple structures, unique effects and individuality in the design are promised by means of a combination of individual modules. For example, be inspired by the Minigarden Vertical concept. The modular principle can be used both indoors and outdoors. Each module includes a lid, a circular Clip, and a container with 3 holes in it. A collecting tank ensures the discharge of excess water. The combination of the modules can take different shapes, even over corners, and has been developed for small to medium-sized plants. Vertical Garden and VertiGarden are also functional systems that are ideal for planting balconies and allow a flexible modular design. Also here is planted in the height. The functions differ, but give the hobby gardener a feeling of nature and rich ornamental and useful plants

Lattice for climbing plants and hanging pots
Grids are extremely versatile. Used in flower beds, pots or on walls, climbing plants such as vetches, fire beans, climbing peas or small cucumber varieties can quickly become a green screen. However, you can also mount a grid on the wall to hang individual pots or flower boxes there.

Plant columns and towers
Ideal for small corners on the balcony, planting towers or pillars. Plant columns usually consist of a stand with foot, into which soil is filled. The construction, especially designed for flowers, allows colourful eye-catchers on small and large balconies. Plant towers, which can also be counted as raised beds, allow the stacking of several elements for flowers, herbs, salads and much more. Here, too, manufacturers promise easy transfer by means of rollers, the Prevention of pest attacks and versatility in the material selection. The Designer VertiGarden ® offers a plant tower that becomes a real eye-catcher on the terrace and balcony and requires little space. Five floors can be planted and harvested according to your wishes – from strawberries to thyme. Through the perforated planters and a collecting Bowl waterlogging is avoided. However, make sure that moist plants are used on lower floors

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