Wie man eine Gartenbank mit Pflanzen baut Plots-Simple DIY Build – #

Wie man eine Gartenbank mit Pflanzen baut Plots-Simple DIY Build – #

Your front yard is the calling card of your house. When planning, you should first consider the cardinal direction of the front garden, because for sunny places you should choose different plant and flower species than for front gardens in the shade. The neighboring property can also be decisive whether you want to work with boundaries through fences, half-height stone walls or hedges when designing. In addition to the purely optical design, you should also consider functional aspects during planning. By clever planting, you can hide unsightly corners from the eyes of visitors. Let yourself be inspired by our very different design ideas!

Where can the plants be stored in a vertical garden?
The new Trend of Vertical gardens has responded to a typical Problem of garden lovers, and it is now a case of different ways to go in the height. We introduce you to the most useful forms of vertical garden to find in your balcony new corners for growing vegetables and flowers. However, make sure to inform your landlord or an architect about the load-bearing capacity of the balcony as a precaution and discuss drilling at an early stage.

Plant bags
They are easy to handle, can be combined and offer herbs, flowers and salads a permanent home. For example, the Verti-Plant® series provides planting bags in a wide range of colours to match the planting. The textile system includes six pockets for two plants each and can be easily hung on the wall, fence or balcony. Mounted several times side by side, they form floral walls and delight the eye. Watering just the top row pour, the water then runs through holes to the bottom floor.

Raised beds
Raised beds offer many advantages: due to the elevated position of the plants, they are extremely well protected from pest attacks, can be worked at a pleasant height for care and otherwise there are better climatic conditions in the raised bed for an extensive harvest. Many raised beds can also be used as early beds in colder seasons or as a thermal House. Another advantage: rollers under the Raised Bed allow the planter to be moved relaxed from one corner of the balcony to the other. Meanwhile, there are functional and creative ideas for gardening on a few square meters. Designer beds such as the Kubi® work with modern materials and can be planted with herbs, flowers and vegetables on several sides. An integrated water and composting system ensures a rich harvest and flowering. Make sure to use plants in the lower area that prefer to be moist, while in the upper area dryness-loving shoots and deep roots find space.

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